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Start burning for free.

Try the hottest 1-hour group personal training workout in the country and experience the only heart-rate monitored group personal training concept that is scientifically developed to stimulate metabolism and increase your energy.

The Orangetheory Difference

Experience it for yourself!

Designed for all fitness levels

Because the workout is based on your heart rate, it is designed for all fitness levels.

Burn up to 500+ calories

Burn up to 500+ calories in one-hour… and keep burning for up to 36 hours post workout.

High intensity interval training

Our coaches guide you through a high-energy workout consisting of interval blocks scientifically proven to increase your strength, endurance, power and energy level. 

Track your progress

Track your progress live-time through our proprietary OTBeat technologies.

Got an hour to burn?

Get more out of life!